Our Mission

To grow an individual’s wealth by leveraging experience, expertise, strategies and resources to give maximum, high-quality returns relative to risk.


Our Philosophy

Every investor has the right to retire well and we facilitate their financial independence, create sustainable wealth and financial security.

Allow investors to grow wealthy by making every earned dollar grow atleast 5x its value with smart investments in the stock market.


Our Values

Authenticity - Be genuine and transparent in all our engagements, communication and operations with all our partners, investors, brokers and dealers.

Integrity - Help in growing the wealth of our investors with honesty, dedication and commitment.


About Us

An Alternative Investment Management Firm

WealthRise is an independent, privately held hedge fund helmed by Suresh Vemulamada, a seasoned investor with over a decade and a half of trading in stocks and options. An offering from the D2D Capital Partners, WealthRise is compliant to the rules and regulations of Securities and Exchange Commission and is geared to amplify its investors capital. Our decades of experience in managing funds and investments have created unique opportunities for our investors to enhance value of their principal.

WealthRise follows a disciplined, bold and consistent approach with the flexibility to buy or sell, call or put options by bringing out a fine balance between the investments and the risk to yield high returns.


Our Uniqueness

Diversified Investment Strategy

We pursue a diversified investment strategy, across different asset classes, industry sectors and geographies. We are selective in the addition or reduction of investments based on the opportunities that the market conditions bring to us at a given point of time.

We leverage technology and employ our unique trading strategies including trading in public and private securities, engaging in short sale of securities and margin transactions or engage in exchange-listed transactions. What differentiates WealthRise from other investment avenues is our ability to grow investors’ money and consistently yield high quality returns.

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